Cards and Cardboard Reviews


Here is our review scale for reference on each part of the review. A 1 – 10 with some half percents in there if I can’t decide.

Everything is fairly subjective so take anything I say with a grain of salt. I play a lot of different types of games that lean more toward thematic or low player count games. I do play Euros and enjoy them I just don’t happen to own many.

*Rulebook* New Section

We check for ease of use and layout, also if it has a good reference section and is worded nicely.

  1. Didn’t come with a rulebook, or is unreadable. I can’t even play the game.
  2. Rulebook is very poorly written and I may never learn the game right from it.
  3. Rules are legible, but a lot of rules are hard to understand.
  4. Rules are just ok. I should be able to figure it out.
  5. Rules are passing. Nothing really terrible, but nothing great either.
  6. Rule are fairly nice, I can learn it after a few reads.
  7. Rules are pretty good. Also I can find what I need to easily.
  8. Rules are great. I can navigate it well and the rules make near perfect sense.
  9. Rules are sublime. Maybe a few things could be slightly better but no changes are needed.
  10. Rules are perfectly laid out and worded, I have no confusion on how to play and it is laid out so well that I can find whatever I need.


We look for card layout, text, graphic design and overall aesthetic appeal of the components of the game.

  1. I can’t even tell this is a game. What are these bits of paper with scribbles on them?
  2. Ok well the Stick figures are not part of the theme and the icons have no sense to them.
  3. Well the text is barely legible. But I think I can play the game still.
  4. The designs are not too bad. Maybe hindering the game play still.
  5. It is ok. Cards against humanity style. Text is legible, but not much else is there.
  6. Hey this artwork works well.
  7. Wow this fits the game well and is a bit clever.
  8. This is very pretty, and the text is decently legible and makes sense.
  9. Icons and artwork are exquisite. Links well with theme and style.
  10. This game is art. Hang it on your wall after playing.


We look at quality of card stock and cuts on the cardboard. If sleeves are needed or not. And if everything is in the game or requires outside help. Could also “upgrade” or pimp out if the components are just ok.

  1. I have to pick out what is trash and what is game. Like a plastic bag lunch with soup spilled on it.
  2. Flimsy and easily falling apart within one play. Your cost is beyond low.
  3. Serviceable, but barely so. I might even still need to provide my own bits to even play.
  4. Your game is made ok, but everything feels like it is only 10 plays away from the ruin.
  5. This game is stable component wise. Everything is here, and it works. Might need to get another copy after 20+ plays.
  6. The game is a bit sturdy. Might sleeve after 30 or so plays.
  7. The game is built. Everything is at least sturdy and also hearty.
  8. This game has everything and is built to last.
  9. This game is almost too good with the quality.
  10. This game is immaculate. I could play this for 50+ times before even thinking of replacing any bit of it.


We look into what makes the game work. Sometimes there are things that are just lucky, or they are built with skill in mind. Or overall things are like gears and keep the game moving. Though sometimes things get fiddly and gunk up those gears.

  1. This is just some bits to throw around with no rules.
  2. I have a loose idea what these bits are for but the abstraction is still high.
  3. Your rules leave a lot of room to explore and develop, which isn’t good.
  4. Like playing Candyland. But it is clunky.
  5.  A bit of choice is nice. Yahtzee Style games and the rules are fine.
  6. A decent game with good game play. Everything works well. Maybe a bit confusing.
  7. Really good game with only a bit of fiddly to it.
  8. A well constructed game that is easy to learn and hard to master. Good complexity.
  9. Complex enough to feel right when playing, blends with theme and feels great.
  10. Flows light butter. So easy and so right and the complexity isn’t confusing.

*Replay Factor*

Going into how much I would think this game would make the table. Lighter games might hit more because of that. But Games with a mix of good theme, random setup, and asymmetric elements make it more likely to be played as well.

  1. Play it once and then never look back.
  2. Play it once every few decades maybe.
  3. Might be played about few years around the holidays.
  4. Might be played once a year.
  5. Might pick up and play twice a year.
  6. Might be played every 3 months or so.
  7. Might hit the table every month
  8. Might hit the table twice a month.
  9. Would play every week.
  10. Will not stop playing, can be played over and over without getting too old.

*Final Thoughts*

Based on the final feelings of the game. Often a summary of the game as a whole. See above for the various parts that go into it. Uses the BGG scale of thoughts. *Taken from BGG*

  • 10 – Outstanding. Always want to play, expect this will never change.
  • 9 – Excellent. Always want to play.
  • 8 – Very good. Like to play, will probably suggest it, will never turn it down.
  • 7 – Good. Usually willing to play.
  • 6 – Fair. Some fun or challenge at least, will play occasionally if in the right mood.
  • 5 – Average. No significant appeal, take it or leave it.
  • 4 – Below average. Slightly boring, could be talked into it on occasion.
  • 3 – Poor. Likely won’t play this again although could be convinced.
  • 2 – Very poor. Annoying, I plan to never play this again.
  • 1 – Defies description of a game. You won’t catch me dead playing this. Clearly broken.